About Us

Halat Alrihla company was established in September 2016 as the first Arabic flight tracking service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provided us with competitive advantage in the market. We have conducted a survey which results were published in several local newspapers in 2017 on the behavior of the Saudi travelers. We have participated in the beginning of 2018 at Aramco's "Aviation Day" at King Fahad International Airport in Dammam.

Halat Alrihla company provides flight services and data collected from international sources as well as various destinations and airports. The services we provide as belw.

Radar service: You can see all the planes directly on the map.

Rating and Feedback Service: Share your thoughts on your flight to share experiences, help others make better travel choices, and support businesses to improve their services.

Alerts Service: You can use this service to alert you on flight information and changes such as arrival time and delay.

Flight Tracking Service: Enter your flight number to track your flight on the map and know the details of the trip

Flight Schedule Service: You can search from airport to airport and you will be able to see all flight times

Flight Log Service: You can save and view your flight history and return it at any time