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From a stain to a historical treasure .. What is the story of this Italian city?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - When visiting Italy, tourists usually flock to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Amphitheater and other historic spots. But visitors have to make room during their next vacation to visit the Matera city carved in rocks! But why was this city a "disgrace"? Matera is today one of the most surprising places in Italy, a carved city on a hillside. But previously described as a national disgrace, why? The city had a bad reputation for its filth, as people made their homes in dark areas used in some cases by their forefathers 9,000 years ago. By sharing with barn animals, too, these caves were a source of disease, leading to a high mortality rate until the government began forced population transfer in the 1950s. In recent years, the city has changed radically, with many caves being renovated, and now it is an attractive spot that boasts many cafes and restaurants. "I'm trying to explore these stones as an element, and I found a really inspiring thing in Matera," Rome-based photographer Federico Scrachelli told reporters. In 1993, UNESCO classified the city as a World Heritage Center, as well as the European Culture Capital of 2019. Scarcelli is fascinated by the history of Matera, one of the oldest Italian cities, dating back to the Middle Ages and the Middle Ages. It is "full of art, especially within the stone churches", decorated with frescoes depicting biblical scenes. The photographer recommends exploring the panoramic landscape of the city from the hill opposite the valley that stands on it, Georgia. Scarschelli, who studied at the European Institute of Design in Rome, sees photography as a way to explore the world. "Photography brings me closer to everything I want to explore," he said. For his next project, the photographer wants to document religious sites throughout Italy. Scarcelli hopes to return to Matera and explore the parts he did not see during his last visit. "I think it's a really wonderful city if you love history and you love what's different, because I think Matera is really unique," he said.