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Again, how did Dubai break the Guinness World Record?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - In a unique initiative, the American company, Procter & Gamble, worked with Carrefour and more than 100 consumers in the UAE to break the Guinness Book of World Records, Abu Dhabi Environment Network. Participants in the initiative managed to grow more than 20,000 raw seeds in one hour, as part of the event organized by the JA Beach Jebel Ali Hotel. The tree is found in the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The tree is evergreen and is considered one of the most tolerant of the desert climate. Some scientists consider it a means of stabilizing sand dunes and improving soil quality. The initiative aims to protect the endangered Emirati national tree, part of the "Leave Your Finger" campaign launched by Procter & Gamble and Carrefour, in cooperation with Gumbok's Give Ghaf program. It is worth mentioning that the "Give Ghaf" initiative was launched in 2011, aiming to enhance people's awareness of the local ecosystem, protect animals and plants from the dangers of desertification and mass urbanization, as well as water scarcity and extinction. This program not only contributes to the shade and green spaces of the Middle East, but also converts carbon dioxide emissions into clean, clean air.