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Discover the Sherpa, the group that protects the Himalayas
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - For us, in the Himalayas, we see an area of ​​adventure and self-challenge, climbing mountains to reach the top of the peaks, but there is a group living among those summits, struggling to protect them. This group is called the Sheerba, the word means people coming from the east, and Sharwa is spoken by the Sherpa themselves. In the beginning, before the Himalayas became a favorite hobby of some, the word Sherpa meant a group of immigrants to Nepal from the eastern plateau of Tibet before the two regions became different countries. Are all those who belong to the "Sheerba" group of porters? Sherpa became a function name for the main tour crew, but did not specifically include members of the original Sherpa group. Their responsibilities include setting up tents, organizing loads by ensuring that they are evenly distributed, supporting customers, and securing them during the tour. Can you become their group? An American study found in 1976 that the Sheerbach group had undergone genetic adaptations for thousands of years after living in one of the highest regions in the world. This helped them adapt to high altitudes with low oxygen levels. It is therefore possible to conclude that if we, our children, children and children, rise at high altitudes, we may consider our later descendants to be part of the Sherpa community. Are they supernatural? At first glance, this group seems to be the protectors and climbers of Mount Everest as if immune to the harsh elements of nature. Some refer to earlier incidents of the Sherpa group as their members fall into the abyss or leave them to die on a mountain while serving some climbers. It is reported that 75 people from the Sherpa tribe died while trying to climb Mount Everest. There are also old painful stories about the Sherpa who left on the mountain to defend themselves One of the most famous is the Nazi climbing team, which was abandoned in Nangba Barbara in 1939, when a storm came and the Sherpa group, which was accompanied by an unexpected burden on the team. That story is listed in the film Tiger of the Snow by Jonathan Neal. Although the Sherpa can not guarantee your survival, they do the tricky part of climbing by equipping ropes and equipment and paving the way for climbers in advance. They have also become remarkably responsible for the safety of climbers who have paid for their professional services. Why does the Sherpa stay around Everest? The Sherpa group has long been traveling and doing so constantly. About 600 years ago, the Chirpa crossed the corridors from the present eastern Tibet to the Solhomombo region in search of the legendary Shangri-La and opportunities to improve their lives. Do you prefer shirba climbing? According to their beliefs, the gods live above the peaks of the mountains and should be revered from afar, not from the top of the summit. The mountain climbing was originally a European passion. Even for those who climb and help on expeditions over the mountains, many of the Sherpa believe that accidents occur when gods are not properly respected. What does the Sherpa community eat? It is common for you to eat before climbing those mountain tracks, to start with a full stomach. Is this true? Dal Bhatt meal, a diet of most sherpa groups, and the main dish in Nepal, contains a large amount of white rice along with dried vegetables with lentils. The Sherpa believes that they must satisfy their stomachs so they can cross the mountain. In addition, the carbohydrate-based diet is essential to ensure that the muscles are not lost and that the shirpa stays on their feet.