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8 hotels will ensure you a memorable night .. one of them is in Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Those who do not like to travel are among the first to make a trip to the hotel. However, if you want a stay that provides you with comfort and luxury, here are 8 hotels you should not miss: Hotel Atlantis in Dubai, United Arab Emirates This hotel features large windows that allow you to see the marine creatures. For a one-night stay, it is up to $ 8,000 with a personal server and 24-carat gold soap. Its suites include special benefits such as access to the water park and spend time with dolphins. Hotel Domaine Bourke in Quebec, Canada The resort rents guest rooms and a number of hay cottages. All are located on buoys close to the beach and can be reached by boat only. The Movie Manor Hotel in Mount Vista, Colorado Film lovers will not be able to resist this hotel because it is built between old theater screens. All rooms, each named by a movie star, are decorated with celluloid inscriptions and Hollywood-inspired artwork. Reef Sleeper Hotel in Queensland, Australia In this place, you will enjoy the wonderful marine life of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. After dark, relax in a floating room, equipped with underwater lighting, watching turtles and other nightlife. Sagerte Lighthouse, New York This lighthouse has had a role in protecting seafarers from the rocky edges of the Hudson River since 1869. The lighthouse is about a mile and a half on foot. Guests can climb the lighthouse for panoramic views of the Hudson Valley. Hotel Snow Castle in Kimi, Finland This hotel is being rebuilt annually to accommodate about 48 guests at temperatures up to minus 5 ° C. Experiences are rich in this hotel until 21:00. You can stroll through the ice sculptures rooms, play with the snowballs, or try the Finnish sauna. Incident Lodge Hotel in Trout Creek, Montana Steve and Chris Michaels designed this 1,000-square-foot country house carved in the slope of the hill. It has 2 large and small bedrooms, plus a kitchen and satellite entertainment system. The activities you can do are fishing, walking, barbecuing, and do not miss seeing fairies danced among the trees when the wind blows. The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California The vessel was used as a military transport and recreational trips were not resumed until 1947. It became a floating hotel, consisting of 347 rooms, with many restaurants and spaces for events.