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Hercan National Park .. One of the pearls of Azerbaijani nature
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Away from cafes, restaurants and all the elements of urban tourism, you can relax and take an "out-time" of the city's life in Herkan National Park, one of Azerbaijan's natural pearls. Herkan National Park was founded on February 4, 2004, and is one of the most attractive natural areas in southern Azerbaijan, located precisely in the heart of the Talish Mountains. With an area of ​​40358 hectares. In this park, you will not find camping sites or coffee shops, it is home to wild wildlife up to 60 million years old. The area has existed since the Ice Age and is a botanical garden because it contains a unique plant mix of up to 1204 species, according to the latest research conducted on the vegetation of the park. Plant species found in the garden include oak, chestnut, Caucasian, hawthorn and more. The zoo is also full of animals, sometimes in the early morning, you may find gazelles swimming in small circles in the lake "Khinbulag" in the garden. Other animals in the park include Asian panthers, brown bears and striped hyenas. It is known that the Tigers lived in the area until the late 1930s. Along with 40 species of mammals in the Herkan National Park, 117 species of birds also live. Hercan is derived from the ancient name of the Caspian Sea.