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Not in Japan .. These hotel capsules are available in Mecca for pilgrims
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Do you remember the hotels of small sleeping capsules that are famous in Japan? Well, today thousands of kilometers away from our Arab world are no longer available. Pilgrims in Mecca can now take small naps during their pilgrimage, inside small sleeping capsules available for their comfort at some pilgrim sites. The gift of Hajj and Umrah Charity has prepared capsules to provide a place where pilgrims can take a break in the narrow space available for housing, said Mansour Al Amer, general manager of the charity. The hotel capsules were made of plastic and fiberglass and are 220 centimeters long and 120 centimeters wide. It also has amenities and an electronic controller, and provides pilgrims with space to do all their personal needs such as decomposition of Ihram, bathing, washing and ironing, and keeping their belongings. Al Ammar also explained that the hotel capsule initiative will study its field effectiveness with pilgrims by running 24 capsules this season in specific locations to test its success and thus to include them in more places in the coming seasons. The capsules are stacked next to each other. Each of the two units is mounted on top of each other, one at the bottom and the other at the top, with a ladder accessible. Capsules can be closed to provide privacy for each of their customers. Sliding doors can be opened and closed using magnetic cards for each user. "These capsules can be used as a way to facilitate Hajj and develop it in line with new international technologies and innovations," he said. "It can be worked on in holy places, pilgrims' homes, shelters, and staff housing as alternatives and more sophisticated than current solutions."