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In Dubai .. The largest and most precious and rareest pieces
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Dubai has always been a station for the largest, most precious and rarest segment, the city that is in a constant race with record breaking, and the pursuit of leadership. Here are some of the pieces Dubai has embraced: The most expensive and pureest diamond The UAE's Moawad Group has acquired Diamond, the largest and most pure diamond in a 5-stone range offered by Alrosa. If you are wondering about the characteristics of this circular diamond, it weighs 51.38 carats, a "D" color, and the purity makes it the purest diamond made in the history of Russian jewelry. Moawad is planning a design for an exceptional piece of jewelry to make these diamonds available. The most expensive shoes in the world Dubai is home to the world's most expensive shoe, worth about $ 15 million. The shoe was designed by Deby Wingham, a British fashion designer, and is distinguished by its color, size, and purity, as well as gold threads woven on a 24-carat gold plate. The two-piece, three-carat, three-carat, with a price of $ 4.4 million each, is also available for two-color, one-carat blue diamonds priced at $ 1.9 million. The largest canary caviar in the world On the New Year's Eve of 2018, Atlantis produced the world's largest box of caviar, followed by the Guinness Book of Records. The casket was named "Cleto" following the birth of Atlantis in Greek mythology. It is made of stainless steel and has a dedicated part to store gel ice to ensure the proper temperature to maintain the quality of the premium caviar. Caviar is the only organic species in the world extracted from sturgeon. The most expensive and rarer truffles in the world The biggest Italian truffle comes back to Chinese chef Chen Xiangdong, weighing 1170 grams. It was sold in Hong Kong last year for $ 117,000. Dubai, in turn, has embraced the largest Italian white truffle of the same amount. It is among the rarest and most exquisite foods in the world and is characterized by its very strong flavor, a small amount of which can easily overwhelm the flavor components of a dish.