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Especially Emirates .. Which companies provide the most luxurious bags of hygiene?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - When you pack your bags and get ready to travel, you may think you will not need a face mask or extra stockings. But, the moment you board the plane, you notice that you really need those things. But, do not worry! Some airlines compete to make and offer the best gifts, to improve the travel experience, and to provide the most luxury. Below are some of the most luxurious bags available on some airlines: First Class in Emirates The Emirates Airbus A380 has always impressed travelers. First-class suites feature their bars and sky-vaulted ceiling. The cleanness of the Emirates is a delight for first class passengers. Women's bags consist of lotion, facial moisturizer, lip cream, hairbrush and mirror, as well as a scent of black tea. For men, it includes body lotion, sweat remover, comb, and shaving tools. Wings of Singapore Airlines Women's and men's bags include Lalik's body care products, including lip balm, body moisturizing cream and soaps. Singapore Airlines also offers a Neroli fragrance with a simple souvenir. First class in Hawaiian Airlines Hawaii Airlines seeks to introduce passengers to the culture of the country and to impart the spirit of local Aloha before landing. The company does this by providing a cleaner for the fashion designer, Seag Zein, including a mask of eyes, pen, socks and Flip Flop, as well as a moisturizer and body balm. First class in Japan Airlines In the Paisley bag, designed by the Etro brand, luxury Italian Chantung perfumes, lip balm, body lotion, eye mask and ear plugs are available. First Class at Cathay Pacific Aviation This carrier flies long distances, meaning that it takes the needs of passengers into consideration. The hygiene kit includes products from Australian brand AESOP, including a wooden hairbrush, Camilla moisturizing cream, and rose-flavored rose cream. First class in the Quantas air lines Australian fashion designer Martin Grant has contributed to the development of this cleaning kit. First class passengers will have a bag full of Aurora Spa products, including a face moisturizer, lip cream, socks, earplugs and a deodorant. First Class in Etihad Airways This airline features its luxurious commercial residential suite, known as The Residence. The hygiene kit includes bags designed by Christian Lacroix, with products from the luxury Hungarian brand "Omorovica". First Class at Qatar Airways The BRIC brand handbag is designed for a variety of Qatari lines, including socks, eye mask and body moisturizer from Castello Mont Vibiano Vecchio. Economic degree in the Portuguese company "Tap" The hygiene kit is designed in the form of sardines, which include body care products, eye mask, pen, socks, earplugs and dental care kits. Business class in Hainan air lines Travelers on these lines enjoy Bulgarian white tea, cream lips, stockings, earplugs and a hairbrush, as well as several dental care.