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A photographer risks his life to capture the most beautiful images from the sky
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - There is no doubt that seeing the world from above is one of the most exciting experiences ever, even if it is on board a plane. This excitement shortens the life of photographer Jin Wu Princena, who depicts the world from above as he dangles from the helicopters. This bold and talented photographer captures the world from above, at a height of more than 75,000 feet above the earth's surface. In an interview with CNN, Princena says: "Aeronautical aerobics attracts me because it is the most challenging type of photography." The result is rich images of fine details, over beaches, airports and cities, and from stunning angles. The German-born photographer is based in Los Angeles, and has always had a passion for travel and adventure. "When I was in Germany, I was in the armed forces, and I made several jumps of helicopters and planes, so this experience is not entirely new to me," Princena says. "I love any kind of challenge, I have a lot of competition." "It gives me more freedom to use the camera in any corner I like, especially if I want to shoot vertically down, which I think as a photographer gives a very special angle of photography," Princena said. Princena says the experience of photographing the world hanging from the top is an unforgettable experience: "Adrenaline fills you on the one hand, but you have to stay focused on the other, you have to master the technical skills very well and while you are in the air, you have to be creative Also." During aerial photography, Princena and all objects on the plane are professionally installed. Therefore, the journey of photography requires a great deal of organization. Prencina describes the experience of shooting from above as "stormy, full of vibrations and noise, which does not allow the camera to be heard when a picture is taken, and the photographer's eyes are constantly blinking because of strong winds."