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Away from the luxury hotels of Dubai .. Is this the new trend of the hospitality sector?
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Can you imagine Dubai without its hotels, whose services are rife with luxury and endless luxury? Surely the answer is no. But Dubai has a segment of hotels targeting people who are not necessarily looking for luxury, who are they? The hospitality industry in Dubai has always been associated with the various luxury innovations that have made the city a world leader. But with the growing importance of Millennium-era travelers and changing global travel trends, according to a research paper from PwC, "The Great Debate of Mid-Level Hotels: Are We Ready for the Future?" Published in 2016, Dubai has become interested in expanding their clientele, to include mid-level hotels in the market. One of the hotels that goes hand in hand with Dubai's current hospitality industry is the Roof Downtown Hotel, which opened in May 2015. It is characterized by its friendly and spontaneous approach to its guests, like traditional luxury hotels. It also features amenities that provide an intimate atmosphere such as its Real Boutique cinema, which opened in April this year, making it the first cinema in a hotel in Dubai, according to the main site of Real Cinema. "Dubai's mid-sized hotel sector is expanding significantly," said Roger Rohas, chief marketing and communications manager for Rove Hotels. This reinforces that people prefer to search for hotels that contain all amenities, but not necessarily a lot of additional services. "You can save money on the hotel side, then you can spend that money exploring the city and doing a lot of activities." The hotel features its Wi-Fi, 48-inch interactive TV and various entertainment options, according to their official location, meaning medium-sized hotels, which BWC describes as "modern and technology-friendly". These hotels focus on providing the facilities that are really needed for the Millennial generation who are not really interested in star ratings, most notably the Wi-Fi service. "If you look at our customer base, you will find that they have people who can stay wherever they want, so you can see lots of luxury cars in our parking lots, but they choose to stay with us," Rohas said. The expansion of housing options in Dubai is in line with the goal of attracting 20 million visitors to Dubai by 2020, according to Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Mid-level hotels are expected to accommodate 30 percent of the total projected 2020 visitors, according to POC.