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Get ready for your next flight on board with new forms of entertainment
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Watching the latest movies on board is becoming increasingly common, and airlines are competing for the latest electronic technology. However, recreational options on board flights were not as important today. The first film on the flight was "Howdy Chicago," which was shown in 1921 on Aeromarine Air Lines on a trip to Chicago. These were very rare. In the following decades, travelers filled their hours playing paper, or writing their correspondence. Beginning in 1961, organized film screening programs, which were introduced to all passengers, began using a low-quality projection screen for sound and image. The small screens attached to each seat did not spread until 1988, with a screen size of 2.7 inches. So, how will the nature of leisure for travelers in the coming decades? From technologies such as virtual reality to digital partner applications, technologies suggest that air entertainment services will become very diverse. With new technical and entertainment innovations, the theme of the development of entertainment services on the airliner is attracting a lot of attention. We have compiled three examples of the latest entertainment in the aircraft: 1. Virgin Air America's air entertainment system is called "Red," an Android tracking platform. The system has the ability to chat and play games between different passengers, as well as a feature that allows the passenger to send a drink or snack to himself or to another passenger. The show features full seasons for the popular series "The Walking Dead" and "Orange is the New Black", as well as watching new movies and video clips. 2. Singapore Airlines allows passengers to see movie and television ratings available on their upcoming flights, watch a short boycott of movies, and prepare their own watch list before the trip. As they board the plane, passengers can connect their devices to the aircraft's entertainment system and connect the system to their pre-installed menu. 3. Air France's new John Air Lines intend to show virtual reality glasses to business travelers traveling on long flights.