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Discover the largest floating villa in the world

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - If you are stranded on a lake for a few days, will it be attractive to you? If, if not, one destination in the Maldives has changed your mind.

Villa The Private Reserve, the world's largest floating villa, is inspired by the Gili Langanfushi Hotel, which will be the top-ranked Trepper Advisors in 2015.

The villa has a traditional straw roof, like those seen in the Maldives, but comes with four bedrooms, a cinema and a water slide, allowing the skiers to land directly on the lake.

Not surprisingly, this very luxurious villa is one of the tropical destinations for the world's richest people, who seek a lot of privacy, with an enormous area of ​​18,000 square feet.

Guests can enjoy villa accommodation, access to the luxury of personal service, and access to the villa with a private boat.

The villa has a huge space and may look like a private resort surrounded only by tropical fish, squid and sea turtles.

The villa, built 13 years ago, has been transformed from a modest, large villa into a four-room villa today. "In 2004, the villa consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a spa, And a room for the personal server, "adding:" We started getting requests from royal families, who wanted to book two or three rooms, and other wealthy customers. "

Renovated in 2015, the villa has 2 en suite bedrooms and 2 main bedrooms. You can add long wooden corridors for each suite, multiple outdoor terraces and suites, a spa, a full kitchen, a small gym, a cinema, an open living area, a pool area, personal server suites, a rooftop terrace and a 680-square-foot swimming pool.

"The main focus is the environment, using sustainable sources and combining the Maldivian culture and the product," Boudhane said.

The straw roofs in the "Private Reserve" are all the same as the other Jili Lancashoshi villas, made of palm paper used to build roofs.

The furniture is made from recycled Indian wood and Australian rice, with a floating villa valued at $ 14,700 for one night's stay.