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Welcome to the largest 'Starbucks' in the world
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Although Shanghai has more than 600 Starbucks stores, Starbucks Reserve Rastieri has a unique and incomparable coffee experience. The 30,000 square foot coffee shop, the largest in the world, is twice the size of Starbucks Reserve Rastieri in Seattle, and can be likened to China's "Wonderland" or "Disneyland" coffee park. The coffee shop is a new retail segment of the company, which is the first coffee storage location for Starbucks outside the United States, and the largest Starbucks store ever. Howard Chultz, the company's chief executive, said the store would combine the 46-year-old coffee shop with "China's rich and diverse culture." The multi-million dollar building looks like a giant bean of coffee when viewed from the sky. Once behind the thick wooden doors, which take a curved shape like a roast coffee bean, you enter the two-story building. Although the cafe may not look like an opera house with a long red carpet, it is also unlike any other small shop in town. When the customers walk in, they are presented with a map-shaped "exploration guide", while Luciano Pavarotti's voice rises in the background. There are two-storey, four-ton copper drums, where freshly roasted coffee beans are stored, and more than 1,000 pieces of traditional Chinese stamps tell the story of Starbucks. The ceiling is covered with 10,000 hand-made American walnut pieces, which are hexagonal, inspired by the espresso machine. There is a double bar, which focuses on how to accompany coffee for food. Unlike many Starbucks, the Shanghai Rezervarstri Roastery sells beer and wine, including beer from coffee beans in Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala. The menu also has a variety of tasty options, thanks to the Milan-based Italian baker, Rocco Princi, before Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz persuaded him to join the team. Princi opened his first bakery in Milan in 1986 and is famous for using exceptional ingredients and traditional techniques. Starbucks Reserve Rasterey includes two large black iron ovens, with 80 freshly baked products, such as focaccia sandwiches with Italian mozzarella cheese and signature desserts. The tempting pastries are everywhere, including croissants, olive bread, tomatoes and fresh herbs, as well as rolls of dough and cinnamon. According to "Starbucks," the maximum capacity of the cafe, ranging from a thousand to 1200 customers, and can sit 500 of them on the chairs in the cafe. There is also a coffee library, and the option to do three "tasting" tours to highlight the food and drinks offered in the toaster. The longest coffee bar, the tallest in the world, is 88 feet long.