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How do you plan a perfect trip to Spain?
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - When you hear the Spanish word, what do you think? Do you think of the grand arena in Madrid first? Or the impressive architecture of Barcelona? The next time you visit the Iberian Peninsula, do not forget to explore other places, as Spain has many paths that have not yet been explored. There are many interesting cities and towns that offer a sense of fun and adventure in Spain, so it's easy to feel hesitant. Here are the top 10 destinations to help plan your next trip. 1. Enjoy the splendor of the old world in Madrid through its wide streets, green gardens and royal palaces. When you visit a suburb like Cond Duck or LaBeapis, you will be surprised by a modern district with the latest in fashion. 2. The city of Barcelona will love its sunny beaches, its breathtaking architectural features and its local meals. You can start your journey by drinking coffee in the suburb of the famous La Perre Libre in Paris Gotti, then go to the residential square of Placa de Catalunya, which has four architectural features that are an example of Spain's innovative architecture. 3. You will love this town because you do not need to spend much to explore its delicious meals. In San Sebastián, you can enjoy local meals such as Cod, which is immersed in the Garlic Sauce, as well as the Gelda, which consists of anchovies with pickled peppers and olives. 4. From a tourist point of view, this area may be one of the most interesting places in Spain, where you can visit the huge Roman theater. Not only that, but the town of "Qasrsh", an attraction for lovers of the series "conflict of the Arush." 5. An old city in northwestern Spain of historical religious significance thanks to the pilgrimage of El Camino de Santiago, the 1,000-year-old St. James's Way. Although tradition began as a religious ritual, today it is a place to stroll and enjoy beautiful scenery. 6. This is the city of Andalusia, the essence of its colors, charm and vitality. During the day, you can stroll through the old town and its streets are like a maze of tightness. In the evening, head to the river for a flamenco show in Los Galos. 7. Many do not realize that this city is the oldest inhabited settlement in Western Europe, founded in 1104 BC by the Phoenicians. In this seaside city, you can enjoy the taste of its ancient past with a rich seafood meal. 8. The city is decorated with stunning mosaics, fountains and arches that can be found at the Alhambra. The palace is the peak of architecture in Andalusia. 9. Canary Islands: This Spanish archipelago is located in the west African coast. Lanzarote Island is the perfect destination for those who want more isolation. 10. Balearic Islands: Balearic is located in the Mediterranean and is known for its ideal coastal cities. One of its most tranquil islands is Mallorca, which has maintained its purity unlike its neighboring islands. For those who like to watch, they can visit Ibiza Island, which, like Mallorca, is beautiful.