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Top 10 Adventures of 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - The spirit of adventure! These are important holidays that give you rest for several weeks before returning to routine life. So, instead of spending your holiday in the same place every year, expand your vision and look for new places on the map! From water activities such as learning the basics of sailing and swimming with sharks, to a polar tour in the midst of glaciers and other wild ones in search of endangered rhinoceros. Many countries are characterized by facets not explored by many yet! Meet the top 10 destinations for your vacation in 2018: 1. Kayak and piranha fishing, Amazon: This trip on a kayak with a hollow tree trunk is not for people who are afraid. You may have the opportunity to catch piranha in these isolated forests and meet indigenous people, as well as explore wildlife under the moonlight. The price of the trip starts at $ 2,000. 2. Swimming with whales, Maldives: Diving with whales nicknamed "depository mammals," is a magnet for Maldives. The expedition departs from the Merihi resort on a 55-foot wooden yacht, driven by local residents. The price of the flight starts at $ 125 per person. The hotel starts from $ 600 per night. 3. Museo Antalenico Underwater, Lanzarote: This is the perfect journey for those who wish to satisfy their love of art and adrenaline at the same time. Princesa Yaiza offers guided tours to explore underwater sculptures. It includes 60 sculptures by the artist Jason Dickairis Taylor, who created this museum. The cost of diving with training courses is $ 559. 4. Helicopter to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains: This unique trip involves a helicopter ride to explore the remote areas of this Canadian terrain. After spending time at Banff National Park, tourists resume the trip during an adventure across the snow-capped valleys for three days. The price of the trip is about five thousand dollars, and lasts seven days. 5. Sailing on a boat in Barao, Philippines: an unforgettable sea experience on the Philippine island of Boracay. Tourists receive daily challenges to teach them the basics of navigation and meet local people. The cost of the trip is approximately $ 2,000 per person. 6. Tok Tok Challenge Vehicle Challenge, Sri Lanka: An unusual journey to divide tourists into teams to explore 1,000 kilometers in New Zealand using three-wheeled tuk tuks. Tourists may encounter elephants on this trip, and part of the cost of the trip is donated to local charities. The cost of the adventure is about $ 2,000 per person. 7. Search for Rhino, Namibia: This trip gives you an opportunity to search for rhino animals on a four-wheel drive vehicle in the Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia. And you can join the Tracers in their mission on foot, to look at these beautiful animals up close. The six-day trip costs about $ 7,000. 8. Motorbike racing, Russia: This race starts from the city of Irkutsk and ends there as well. Snowy trails can be traversed by the icy Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. GPS provides you with the location of fuel and food stations. 9. Diving in the caves, Tuscany: If the luxury villas of Tuscany do not suit you for your holiday, here is the unique Villa Grotte Justi, which hosts hot springs where visitors can dive. Below the villa's rooms is a network of labyrinths linked to chains of natural caves that guests can explore. The room rate is approximately $ 200. 10. A tour through the glaciers, Norway: This journey requires great bearing power. During which it will treat equipment such as ice-cream "Crampon" and use icebreakers to explore the vast "Haugabreen" glacier. You may have the chance to kayak boats between Norway's famous valleys at the National Park of Gustalbrunn.