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Floating Kitchen Floats Sea Waste for the First Time in the World .. Only in Dubai!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - A bird restaurant, an underwater restaurant, the world's tallest restaurant and a restaurant in the heart of the desert. In Dubai, you can eat wherever you are and anytime you want .. even in the middle of the sea! The city, which adores excellence, is opening the first floating kitchen in the world under the name of "Aqua Boud", allowing sailors, boaters and yachts to stop to order food without having to return to "safety." The concept of the first-of-its-kind restaurant is similar to the concept of the mobile "truckload" that has recently spread around the city and takes on a new location each day, commensurate with the customers' requests. However, AquaBood moves in water between yachts and ships, New food in the coastal city. The idea has been developed by Aquatic Architect Design Studio, designed by architect and founder Ahmed Yousuf to be environmentally friendly and follows sustainability rules that allow AquaBood to work on electricity instead of fuel. The company said in a statement to CNN in Arabic that "Aqua Bode" was designed to operate on sustainable mechanisms, which will run on electricity, moving in water through the electric payment technology and will also have a built-in system, which allows it to collect any waste or waste from the sea. " AquaBood will include one restaurant, founded by businessman Qusay Karabaj, specifically for the project, called Salt Bay.