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How to avoid "tourist traps" in Venice?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Are you planning a trip to Venice any time soon? There is no doubt that you are ready to have a unique experience in one of the most beautiful cities of ancient history. However, you must have also heard - and warned very much - what is called the "tourist trap" restaurants, which has long been a major cause of anger and resentment visitors to the Italian city. Although the city has not seemed to care about past cases of excessive monuments, it has been working for a few months to change its attitude towards fraudulent institutions by working both officials and residents to help tourists avoid them. A British tourist complained publicly in November 2017 after a restaurant in Venice paid him a bill of 526 euros ($ 653) for a light lunch for three people. The mayor, Luigi Brunaro, Bold and strange - to comment on the incident on the Twitter site, declaring that the complainant is a university lecturer, so it is considered stupid to object to the payment of 297 euros, or 369 dollars, against a dish of grilled fish for one person. Brunaro also completed his strange comments campaign, then ridiculed the tourists who come to the city with very little knowledge of the Italian language, so that they can not discover the monument until the last minute, when they are given the bill. There were many comments criticizing the mayor's comments and the restaurant "Tertoria Kasanova", where he launched a major campaign on social networking sites to the point that Brunaro took a different approach when a similar incident took place in January this year with four students from Japan , Paid more than $ 1,300 for four steaks. "If you confirm this shameful incident, we will do everything in our power to punish those responsible," he said. The mayor's attitude is in line with the attitude of many Venetian residents, who hope to rebuild their city's reputation as a positive food and tourism destination by providing a guide to visitors to learn how to live a pleasant experience in Venice and avoid fraud and deceit. Marco Gasparinetti, who founded the guide, says only one percent of restaurants in the San Marco area are run by local residents, which has contributed to a rise in the proportion of restaurants and tourist traps. Benedetta Volin and her brother Luca are among the locals who run one of these respectable restaurants in Venice. Folein explains that she is very upset about the "fake" restaurants that claim to be traditional Italian restaurants, which are in fact nothing more than deceptive establishments in culinary, culinary arts, catering and restaurant management. "These restaurants do not have a kitchen, no chefs, they do not depend on local suppliers, they have only tables and hangers, a microwave to heat a frozen lasagna dish at absurdly silly prices, plates outside the restaurant, and a man standing outside inviting people to enter the restaurant. " These are the places to avoid when visiting Venice, where authentic and respectful restaurants will not find anyone who stands in front of her and invites tourists to get in. She will not take pictures of her dishes in front of her entrance, so she recommends avoiding any restaurant that hangs pictures, People to eat it. Benidetta also explains the reliance on proposals in travel books and tourism guides, rather than on websites, as the latter are easily manipulated, and books are often more reliable sources and experienced by food critics and journalists. Raffaelli Aljamo, who owns a restaurant in San Marco Square, points to Pinedita, adding that respectable restaurants often help tourists stay away from tourist traps. Tourists should not hesitate to ask the owners of these restaurants about suggestions and other destinations they can visit without worrying about Cases of fraud and deception.