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6 things you can do in Addis Ababa .. get to know them

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - The Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa may be the perfect destination if you want your trip to be interesting, especially as the city reflects the adventurous spirit of its coffee-smelling streets and its music-loving people. Life in Addis Ababa varies with its crowded streets, its mild weather, and the sunshine that shines for many months. You can enjoy a lot of things when you visit Addis Ababa, you know: 1. Addis Ababa is home to the vibrant Ethiopian capital, and the city's fashion scene is flourishing for local designers. 2. Black gold: It is impossible to separate Ethiopian culture from coffee. Ethiopia is considered to be the best source of Arabic coffee. One myth suggests that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd. Coffee shops and traditional coffee shops dot the streets of Addis Ababa, selling high-quality Ethiopian coffee on the streets. 3. Local art and fashion: The thriving artistic scene in Ethiopia is reflected in the more than 600 collections of paintings at the Makush Art Gallery, and many hotels such as Hilton and Radisson Blu feature many local artists. In terms of fashion, it is advisable to visit one of the largest markets in Africa, Mercato Market, which is often overlooked by tourists. 4. Dance: Ethiopians love to dance regardless of age, and are happy when foreigners join them in the dance floor. For the ultimate dance experience, do not miss weekend nights in one of Addis Ababa's old neighborhoods, Piazza, which is filled with neon lights and various local music such as African jazz and rap in Amharic. 5. Ethiopian History: Ethiopia has historical importance as the oldest Christian country in the world. Many people agree that Ethiopia is the place where early humans come from, and you can visit the Ethiopian National Museum to see the earliest discovered fossils, "Lucy." 6. Local food: One of the meals you should try in Ethiopia is the spicy Ingera bread covered with meat, vegetables and hot sauce. You can visit the Totot restaurant, which is famous for the meat-and-meat Kittvo. For those who want to eat familiar foods, Addis Ababa has many Western restaurants, because it is a center for many expatriates.