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From Tokyo to Paris ... without leaving the land?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Is it reasonable to travel from Tokyo to Paris in first class cabins, then enjoy luxury meals as well as tours without taking off your plane? This is not a figment of imagination; it is the future of air travel, according to the Japanese company, "First Air" lines, which exploited the possibilities of the virtual world to produce dream holiday. Passengers are able to avoid the high cost of travel, luggage charges, airport congestion and enjoy first class or business class travel. All during their presence in Tokyo. First Air also offers virtual flights to New York, Rome and Hawaii. The cost of a business trip is only $ 46. The first class is $ 56. "For me, it's hard to travel because of the money and time," said Hirokai Abe, head of First Air lines. "So I thought it would be nice if I could easily get into the airport to book a flight, virtual." After boarding the plane, passengers can relax inside booths with furniture that simulates the interior design of the aircraft, to make them more realistic. The crew offers meal-based meals, including a culinary soup meal for Manhattan cruises and a "cake cake" for New York cruises. As for the passengers heading to Paris, they are offered a salmon tartar meal and onion soup. At the arrival of passengers, they can enjoy a 360-degree photo tour. Virtual reality has become widespread in the world of travel, allowing many travelers to enjoy the wonders of the world without leaving their homes. This would provide a comfortable and ideal vacation for those who are too expensive or have health problems to travel.