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Discover " The Desert Cake" in Saudi Arabia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - You may be surprised why there is a piece cubic cakes shaped like this in the middle of the desert, however, the analogy is in order, as the color and shape make many tourists describe them as the "desert cake," admiration of them in this historic landmark. This mountain is known for its quality, located in the center of Gouda in the Eastern Province, and is 160 km from Dammam. As for its height, it is about 210 meters above sea level. Saudi photographer Ali Al-Shahri was able to accentuate his vertical shape as if he were out of the desert belly. And through an unmanned aircraft, he was able to show this mountain differently from other familiar images. Usually teeming with people of this historic landmark, at the weekend, as the monthly explained that European tourists working in the Kingdom of destination in abundance, as well as travelers and photography enthusiasts, mountain climbing. If you want to visit the site, winter is the most appropriate dismissing you time, as the desert region abound where scorpions and snakes. It is worth mentioning that the mountain is one of the most important tourist attractions frequented by travelers and tourists, which is one of the main landmarks in the path of being one of the historical Joudi routes for convoys linking Al-Ahsa and Najd.