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From Ghost Town to a luxurious resort that radiates life!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Ghost Cities may not be the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation, but a secluded resort in southwestern Colorado is at the heart of these standards, having turned a forgotten land to look like a scene from books Fantasy. In the 1880s, Danton was a thriving complex where the miners settled in their quest for gold and silver, but by 1919 it became a deserted ghost town. Today, the green land has returned to life, having been transformed into the Danton Hot Springs Resort, a hot-water resort of Danton Springs, which consists of isolated shantytowns offering an escape from the pressures and problems of daily life. The miners in Danton were settled in the past because of the geology of the hot springs, which was a good indicator of the presence of minerals in the earth. This geology and hot springs today, a century later, remains an essential part of the experience of Danton's visit, which boasts its natural treatments and luxurious spa sessions. Christina Rossi, marketing director at the resort, says the area has suffered from isolation in the past because of the difficulty of transporting raw materials after the railroad has not reached Danton, adding: "At its peak, there were about 500 people living in Danton, but, when Built rail, these moved to live near them. " In the 1990s, Christoph Henkel bought the land and decided to keep the huts and its idea to rent them as cabins, providing a luxurious experience and preserving the history of the ancient land. Rossi explains that the cottages were all named after the miners who built them, or the characters in which she lived, adding that the restoration and repair of the land, was keen to preserve the spirit of the old huts, to narrate stories about the characters who lived in the past. Although wooden huts still retain their old exterior, they are equipped with interior design and modern leisure facilities that provide comfort to guests. For example, they do not have to adopt old non-practical methods, such as the use of outdoor bathrooms. The resort includes 12 200-acre wooden huts, but Danton's land is spread over 1,600 acres and can be enjoyed and relaxed in its territory. There are also many natural and entertaining activities, such as hiking, hiking, guided tours, fishing and horseback riding.