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Discover the "descendants of Noah" in this Azerbaijani village
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - If you are in the province of Guba in northern Azerbaijan, do not miss a chance to visit one of the highest residential areas in the world, the ancient village of Khinaleq, referred to as Noah's descendants. Khinaleq is one of the most isolated villages in the Caucasus and Europe. It lies in the middle of the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2,360 meters above sea level. It dates back more than five thousand years! A local legend connects the villagers to the story of Noah's Ark, where he is said to have been the place where his ship docked. What distinguishes Khinalik from the rest of the Azerbaijani villages is its ability to preserve its unique heritage, as well as its high and difficult access. As a result, the villagers speak a unique language, as well as a set of customs and traditions that are different from the rest of Azerbaijan's population. Its inhabitants are also characterized by chestnut hair, blue eyes and short stature. The village serves as an "outdoor museum" where you can explore traditional life on its origins, where many villagers work in sheep grazing and knitting. Many of the village's buildings still retain their ancient architectural essence, with houses at least two hundred and three hundred years old. There are no hotels or cafes in the village, but do not let this frustrate you. You can camp or stay in the homes of local people.