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Go to Mars from Wadi Rum in Jordan
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Your eyes open after a deep sleep and sigh with satisfaction, and then from your bed to your window to open the curtains, just to be surprised by orange sand dunes stretching beyond your eyes. Have you landed on the surface of Mars? No, but this new hotel in Wadi Rum in Jordan will make you feel this way. The San City Camp Hotel attracted many VIPs, such as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who shared his experience at the Martyr Camps in the camp last month. The film, director Ridley Scott, who was nominated for the Oscar in 2015, "The Martian", starring Matt Damon, the source of inspiration for the twenty domes in the desert, "San City Camp." "When we started preparing the camp design, it seemed to us that the view around the domes was directly taken from the film, so we thought that instead of going to Mars, you could try it here in Wadi Rum," said Sultan Nawafala, executive director of the camp. The marshes are made of glass walls that offer panoramic views of the desert and the surrounding mountains. Each tent has the capacity to accommodate four people and comes with a bathroom, an air conditioning system (a feature not usually available in the Wadi Rum camps) and a private balcony. The cost of staying one night is about $ 320, and this changes on request. It was an extension of the San City Camp, which opened three years ago because of an unexploited gap in the market. Although many tourists visited Wadi Rum, overnight camping was not common because of the shortage. In comfortable accommodation. After the complaint of his 17-year-old son, he weighs for insects, the fountains decided to design the marshes that would provide a way for visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. He said: I want my guests to see the beauty of nature in Wadi Rum. The stars are amazing and silence in the desert. Wonderful. " Guests can enjoy the same amount of fun during the day as they can take part in activities such as horseback riding, camels, jeeps, pogo bikes on the dunes of the valley, as well as hot air ballooning and rock climbing. The Bedouin in the valley run these activities, providing "a new source of income that allows them to maintain their traditions and cultural values," he said. Because of the influence of the "magic" domes on Wadi Rum, the tunnels are now discussing with the governments of Saudi Arabia and Oman about the possibility of opening a similar camp in their respective desert territories.