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"Apple kebab" and tea .. The splendor of camping in Azerbaijani nature

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Why do you only take an exploratory tour of Azerbaijani nature for only a few hours if you can take refuge for you for a few nights? The province of Quba has a lot of sleep to offer to those who wish to move away from the constraints of cities and the intermingling between the motherland!

Azerbaijan enjoys a wide variety of activities, including: camping.

In the fertile forests of Azerbaijan, such as the Amsar forest in the province of Guba, you can set up your tent and experience the life of camping in the Azerbaijani way.

You can also take a stroll through the fog that gives ambiguity to the Esbeek forest.

Around a dairy lake, you can sit on its banks to enjoy the green, which tends to the golden in preparation for the fall season, while fishing for fish.

Guba Province is famous for its apple, so you'll have the chance to eat the grilled "apple kebab" on campfire!

The forests of Azerbaijan are rich in various types of edible mushrooms, especially during the spring. If you think the idea of ​​roasted apples is a bit strange, you can replace them with grilled mushrooms.

If you feel cold during the camping, you can warm yourself through the campfire, in addition to drinking hot tea that is not satisfied with the Azeris!