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In Dubai .. Watch the World Cup final game with 26 thousand dollars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - What is the best way to watch the World Cup final? You might think nothing would be like sitting in the first row in the stands of the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, but if you are a lover of luxury and self-indulgence, there may be a much more luxurious seat about 4,000 kilometers away.

Fairmont Dubai offers an exceptional experience to see the World Cup final on 15 July in its 34th floor, where the grand suite will turn into a football field to welcome six friends inside, one night full of services and sporting experiences that match the spirit of the World Cup.

The experience begins with a trip to the hotel in the HUMMER limousine, where guests arrive at the VIP Imperial Suite, which will turn into a green grass covered area, the Fosball football table, and virtual reality games that make guests a football player.

A 260-centimeter final display will also be available inside the pavilion, while the guests will be accompanied by a personal servant in a match-dress uniform, as well as a personal chef available upon request at any time. The experience also provides personal photo-photographer services to document the guest experience.

The experience ends on the second day, providing guests with the opportunity to drive luxury sports cars back to their homes, including Lamborghini and McLaren, to suit the luxurious lifestyle of the bustling city.

Although such an experience seems like an old opportunity for football fans and well-being, it certainly does not come for free, and it costs an average of 100,000 dirhams, more than $ 27,000 for the full experience.