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Oasis Al Ahsa .. the largest in the world in Saudi Arabia

Oasis Al Ahsa is the largest oasis in the world, located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Oasis includes a number of monuments, historical buildings, urban fabric and archaeological sites.

Al-Ahsa, the famous oasis of springs and water springs, and the greenest place in the east of the Kingdom. With more than three million palm trees. It is the largest sand-filled palm oasis in the world, making it one of the world's top seven wineries.

On the banks of this oasis are intensive agricultural works for the abundance of water and the eyes of fresh water. It has the advantage of deriving its name from it, which is the sensory abundance of water. The number of springs and springs of fresh water in Al-Ahsa Oasis ranges between 60 and 70 branches. The depth of the springs varies considerably, ranging from 500 to 600 feet. As for the mechanically dug wells, the depth is between 20 and 30 feet. In Al-Ahsa of natural eyes, Om Daly, Ain Najm and many of the wineries Which are distributed within the oasis. The Oasis, along with freshwater springs, contains a range of hot and hot water, which can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, most notably Ain Najm, which is characterized by its sulfuric water and warm water.

Al-Ahsa Oasis includes a number of historical sites and buildings, such as the Guatma settlement of the time of Qarmatia, the Al-Hazm Palace and the tombs that can be seen in several parts of the oasis. Pottery among most of the archaeological remains on the surface of the land in Al-Ahsa Oasis and most of the time The decoration is usually soft and its color is generally pink

Coming immediately after the cultivation of dates metal and textile industries, the most prominent among the metal makers are the manufacturers of coffee dalel, which depends on the manufacture of brass with beautiful designs and engravings.
The textile industry is of economic importance in the region, where the abayas are manufactured from camels or wool, and besides this industry men are engaged in the pottery industry in the continent. Baskets are also made, especially the canning machines, donkey baskets, Palm, in addition to the leather and wood industry, which is the doors of farms and orchards, and the jewelry industry is famous in Al-Ahsa and depends on gold and silver and glass pieces, in addition to the industry Almshalih where Ahsa is the first Gulf in this area