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Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: warning travelers to carry powders on board aircraft

Passengers traveling to the United States, Australia and New Zealand are subject to new inspection procedures, according to Emirates Airline, as of June 30.

Under the new US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) instructions, powders will not be allowed in containers larger than 300 ml or 300 grams on board, but in large luggage in the cargo compartment. This does not include infant formula or medicines.

Free market purchases of these materials must be placed in a sealed package with the purchase invoice.

Milan Airport and Athens Airport by departure point. Security measures will also be applied to powders in onboard baggage for all departures from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) warned passengers from Saudi Arabia to the United States not to transport more than 350 ml of powder per passenger onboard cargo on direct flights to the United States.

In a press release, the authority said that more can be transported in the baggage in accordance with the required security measures. The powders include materials such as cosmetics, baby milk, protein powder and others.
On the other hand, the American transport authorities announced the new procedures recently and called on all international airlines to comply with this decision affects all flights departing to the United States, while these procedures will not apply to passengers coming from the United States of America or on domestic flights Between US airports.

Examples of powders or powders included in the ban include: "flour, sugar, ground coffee, spices of all kinds, dry milk, dry cosmetics, etc., but the American procedures excluded infant formula and powders necessary for the use of some passengers on flights.