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What actions do aircraft take before taking off?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Sitting in an airport terminal building waiting for flight, is a regular activity for most of us, but what really gets on the slope during the waiting period for passengers?

The plane that will take you to your destination will land on the airport grounds, and will change from any plane to an exit plane.

The following are eight steps for the actions taken between landing the aircraft on the airport and taking off again:

Finding a position for the aircraft on the airport grounds:
Once the aircraft lands on the airport floor, pilots will receive instructions from the ground control units about where the aircraft will land on the runway, and the flight gate designated for them to take off again. People waving a bright orange stick may assist in how the aircraft is heading, or there may be light on the ground to help pilots stop the aircraft at the designated gate.

Auxiliary power unit
Aircraft engines provide driving and electrical power during flight, but all passenger aircraft have a small engine that generates electricity when the aircraft stops flying, an auxiliary power unit, to feed aircraft devices.

But the auxiliary power unit may use expensive fuel from the aircraft, so many airports provide a ground power system, or a generator vehicle stops at the gate to extend the aircraft.

The auxiliary power unit is also used to operate the electric plane devices if the aircraft engines are extinguished. This makes the passenger compartment comfortable as passengers climb and before the engines take off. The generated power is also used to operate the flight inspection systems before the flight.

Connecting air conditioner
The auxiliary power unit activates the climate control of the aircraft and maintains temperature in the cabin during the aircraft stop at the airport. Some airports may provide air-conditioning to the aircraft through wide cables.

Urbanization to get off the plane:
Passengers wait impatiently in the corridor to get off the plane. If the gate is equipped, a bridge is placed against the front door of the aircraft to allow passengers to descend, or a staircase mounted on a truck and vehicles is lifted, and passengers are required to walk down the stairs and on the ramp to exit the aircraft.

Discharge of luggage and goods
The doors are opened on the right side of the plane, to unload cargo and goods, by putting a belt to move them.

Storage of food
Supply trucks transport food into the fuselage.

Cleaning toilets
A crew discharges the toilet and refills it with clean water.

Fuel is available before taking off from the airport. Large tanker trucks are connected to the aircraft's fuel system under the wing, or with a fuel tank at the ramp, and then transported to the jet tank for pumping.