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A child gets free travel for 25 years

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - The disruption of train traffic is often a cause for concern for its visitors, but Monday saw a strange event in Paris.

A woman entered labor on a crowded RER A train. To celebrate the occasion, the baby was given a free train ride in all parts of the city until he reached the age of 25.

While the train was in the Ober station, the woman put her baby in the care of passengers, emergency workers and train personnel.

The trains stopped in both directions for 45 minutes, and evacuated passengers, and attended the birth of about 15 people.

Unexpected news of birth at the Ober station was broadcast on the train screens, attracting the attention of many people. After the birth, the mother and her child were taken to a local hospital.

The President of the Regional Council in Ile-de-France, Valerie Piccres, extended her congratulations to the mother and child and wished them a happy life.
Last year, Jet Airways was awarded free lifetime flight tickets for a child born on a flight from Saudi Arabia to India.

Cebu Pacific Airlines in the Philippines offered a free lifetime trip to a baby boy on a flight from Dubai to the Philippines.