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Why will the air travel be the fastest in Asia?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - The flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles lasts about five hours, from Sydney to Los Angeles about 7 hours. You may find the next flight from the United States to Asia as quick as an air breeze.

In recent years, a group of aviation start-ups have raised renewed interest in ultrasound travel, which stopped after the Concorde's retirement in 2003.

"China is one of the largest markets for supersonic air travel, and the demand for these aircraft is unbelievably high," said Victor Tseng, chief commercial officer at Keterip.

Earlier this year, BOM Technology will launch its first phase of the plan, with the launch of its two-seater pilot in 2019. If successful, the company will seek to start its core mission: building a fleet of commercial aircraft faster than Sound, which is equivalent to 1451 miles per hour or twice the speed of sound. As a result, the 12-hour flight between Shanghai and Los Angeles will be reduced to about five or six hours.

BOM plans to have only 55 seats, compared with 92 to 128 passengers on Concorde aircraft. As for the price, the price of the BOM flight between New York and London will be around $ 5,000 a round trip, unlike Concorde, which will cost $ 20,000.

"One of the challenges is that the company still needs to raise billions of dollars in order to introduce the first commercial airline to the market, not to mention the cost of testing, regulatory approval, factory infrastructure," said Peter Goiles, senior vice president and aviation analyst at O'Neill & Co., In addition to mass production. " CNN tried to reach BOM Super Sonic, but declined to comment.

Boom is not the only company to aim for supersonic aircraft. NASA recently announced a partnership with Lockheed Martin to develop a prototype of the supersonic aircraft with a quieter sound system.