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Travel with pets by plane .. Know the conditions

If you are planning to travel by plane with your pet, you should first contact the traveling airline and inform them of your request.

 In the next few steps, we will provide information and conditions regarding pet boarding:

1. Valid vaccination certificate for dogs and cats should be available.
2. Dogs and dogs must be at least 8 weeks old when traveling.
3. When you travel abroad, you must submit your pet's passport and obtain it after careful inspection of the animal traveling by specialists from the veterinary department at the airport traveling from it.
4. The admission process is subject to the requirement that the traveler take full responsibility for such a pet.
5. The airline shall not be responsible for the injury, loss, delay, illness or death of such pets or in case of refusal to enter or pass through any country or territory.
6. Pets shall remain subject to the customs regulations of the transit country and destination.
7. The animal's health record shall be submitted for examination at registration and the animal must be shown with the required small ID.
8. The traveler must carry enough food for his pet during the trip.
9. Living animals may not be transported as registered baggage or pets in the cabin in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Yemen, New Zealand and Australia and may be transferred as goods only
10. Most airlines accept live animals as registered baggage or in the cabin.

Conditions of transfer of pets in the cabin:

Only cats and dogs are allowed. The total weight of the animal and the cage is not more than 8 kg. The maximum cage size is not more than 55 + 40 + 20 cm. The presence of the pet in the cabin is limited to one animal per container. .
B. The pet is allowed in the cabin on the basis of the priority of the reservation. The permit is restricted to two animals in each category and no additional animal will be allowed as registered baggage. Falcons may be permitted in accordance with airline regulations.
C) The guard dog in the cabin excludes any weight and container requirements.

Animal pet as luggage
(A) The maximum allowable weight of a live animal and the cage as registered baggage is 45 kg packed in a box. The living animal weighing more than 45 kg shall be shipped as cargo.
B) Some airlines provide the transport of trained animals to help people free of charge provided that a document confirming this and that animal assistance is necessary for the condition of the traveler.

For more information, please contact our customer service.

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