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Disclosure of the first commercial aircraft to the ultrasound

Eriyon and Lockheed Martin have unveiled their participation in the race to create the world's first ultrasound commercial aircraft and are working together to "explore the feasibility of co-development from the world's first ultrasound business aircraft" The aircraft is expected to fly at full speed over the water, and over the next 12 months, the two companies will work together on this project. "When it comes to knowing the world of supersonic speed, Lockheed Martin's capabilities are well known and, in fact, legendary capabilities, and we share Lockheed Martin's commitment to developing the fastest aircraft Of the long-term efficiency of the civilian sound. "With its ultra-high-speed wing, the aircraft is expected to achieve long-range (Los Angeles to Paris) speeds at voice speeds and without supersonic speed. The design uses a special wing shape, 1.2 Mach, depending on weather conditions, without hitting the The sound of the earth. The two companies said they would reduce transatlantic flight time by up to three hours, enabling business leaders to fly between New York and London in one day, and Aeron expected the first AS2 flight in 2023 and its license in 2025. Orlando Carvalho, CEO of Lockheed Martin, said: "We are excited to work with Aerion to develop the next generation of supersonic jets that will serve as a platform for future supersonic aircraft (Morocco Today