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Rolls-Royce, Siemens and Airbus are collaborating to create a hybrid aircraft

You've certainly heard about hybrid cars, which combine fuel and electricity, and now Rolls-Royce, Siemens and Airbus are collaborating to build a hybrid aircraft. The European companies have announced their intention to introduce a model of a modified commercial airplane to partially operate on electricity by 2020. The companies have indicated that the project, called "E-Fan X" will be modified by the "BAe146" one-hundredth seat, adding that this The project will provide the entry infrastructure for commercial aircraft technology sector entirely by the early 2025. Companies will start using two-megawatt electric motor to occupy one of the four engines of the aircraft, and if the initial tests will be added a second electric motor and will operate the "Airbus" Flying, while S. Rolls-Royce is designing the turbo engine and the two-megawatt generator, and Siemens will develop the air power distribution network. These three companies are not the only ones to invest in the future of aviation with electricity. In September, EasyJet announced its cooperation with the " Wright Electric "emerging American to build a fully electric aircraft. Boeing has teamed up with BlueJet and Zunum to develop an electric transport plane and suggested it could start flying in 2022. Although the other two projects are hopeful, they will be difficult to launch amid lack of experience and market presence for key players such as Rolls-Royce Siemens and Airbus. Commercial aircraft are responsible for 2% of carbon emissions contributing to climate change, but the aviation sector is aiming to shed fossil fuels over the next decade, using roads that combine technology with biofuels, and fuel is the biggest cost to airlines.