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7 Tips for Travelers to Counter Air Bumps Phobia

If you are concerned about air bumps, do not be embarrassed and tell the crew. The flight attendants are trained to handle these cases. It is best not to wait until your nerves have collapsed during the bumps. Therefore, if there is plenty of time before taking off, To the captain or helper, understand the best people to dispel your fears.

2 - The tail of the aircraft is more affected by the air disturbances, so try to reserve a seat closer to the cockpit, or the front if possible, noting that early arrival at the airport gives you more opportunities to reserve an appropriate seat.

3. Try to book a flight on a larger plane. Large aircraft have a greater ability to handle air bumps than a small one. Remember that the crew will tell passengers if the disturbance is severe, so do not anticipate things and do so. The earth helps to feel the severity of the disturbance.

4 - Book flights take off in the morning hours, as the chances of disruption of air in the upper atmosphere lower, and the storms quieter and less sophisticated, and try to choose a seat next to the corridor, this will not feel that you are besieged. To ease your anxiety, try to note the reactions of the hosts, they are trained to know how dangerous the tap is, and if they are calm, they are not as bad as you think.

5 - Think logically, air humidity is just a disturbance in the flow of normal air, which is no different from driving on a highway paved recently, and then turn to a road in which gravel. You can also engage in training sessions to control your stress levels and anxiety, or attend specialized courses to deal with fear of air disruptions, and always remember to distract yourself and keep your mind away from your fears.

6 - Try to read more about the mechanism of operation of the aircraft in the air, and the levels of safety in air transport compared to other means of transport. It is normal to notice some wings moving during the trip, they are designed to deal with these conditions, so try to occupy yourself with a snack. 7. Try to listen to music and read a book or magazine. It is difficult to get out of this cycle of anxiety when you focus on turbulence. It is a task to learn some relaxation exercises. Do not forget to drink water. Drought on flights can make you vulnerable to some health problems. , Increases anxiety ...