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Amazonian Forest

Amazonian forest in Brazil A continent in which the Amazon is the lung in which the Earth breathes is the virgin forest of the Americas. These forests are being razed and their trees and plants are being bulldozed and turned into fast roads and residential cities, not to mention the cultivation of narcotics and the establishment of manufacturing plants. These drugs are being smuggled to the world through dangerous gangs with the help of some rulers and dictatorships.
Scientists from Brazil and the United States have said the deforestation of the Amazon forest is greater than 60 percent.
The team completed a study using more sophisticated techniques than its predecessors based on satellite images, enabling it to capture human activities that were not previously possible
Traditional images did not show some aspects of the problem, such as the fact that woodcutters choose high-value trees as mahogany.
Researchers have used the U.S. Space Agency NASA resources. The study concluded that the areas devastated by rain forests in the Amazon between 1999 and 2002 were larger than expected in thousands of square kilometer