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The world's largest airport will open in 2019

Beijing airport will become the largest airport in the world, according to Reuters. The new Beijing airport, which will open in the southern province of Daxing in 2019, will serve a way to meet the growing need for air transport in Beijing, and also boost the presence of civil aviation in the country.
Will become the new base for South China Air Lines and East China Air Lines, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.
And will make SkyTeam members under one roof, which will allow easier flight connections for passengers.
The late architect Zaha Hadid designed the new Beijing Airport building, which will be filled with civic gardens and separate areas for domestic and international trips, with the aim of building an adequate and comprehensive building. Creative design features within the 700,000 square meter plant will include a central dome with six curved projections as well as pedestrian walkways connecting to one point to facilitate the exploration of the building.
The opening phase of the airport will include four exits, and the next two opening phases will add additional areas that will make the airport capacity able to accommodate 100 million passengers per year.
The new airport will facilitate travel times, with Beijing International Airport being ranked as the busiest airport in the world.
(Al Watan Online)