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The boarding pass reveals your secrets

Experts in the information security industry advise travelers to remove each passenger from his boarding pass immediately after his journey, and not to photograph them to share with his followers on social networking sites. It boasts and boasts of riding on the business class or the first and publishes them on social networking sites, it provides free information for people who are professionals in technology and capture this information through the barcode in the card. One of the experts revealed that the card carried by the passenger in his hands to the plane, carrying more information than imagined, includes not only the name, destination and time through the code of booking or barcode "electronic code", but also access to personal information, Change or cancel the booking and even the number of luggage delivered for shipping, as well as knowing where he sat and how many tickets he used. He advised all passengers to keep the boarding pass and not to leave it, and destroy it immediately after the journey to reach the destination, and not photographed in social networking sites to prevent violation of privacy.


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