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A secret button gives you extra space in the seat

Everyone gets more space on the plane, and some people pay extra to sit in the emergency exit or sit in barricades, but few people sitting in the corridor know they have a hidden advantage: they can get more space Once you press the button.
This secret button, which is not recognized by the airlines and is known by a few people allows you to lift the armrest over the corridor, and to find it you can move your hands under the armrest and you will find a button close to the detailed Musnad.
This button frees the armrest allowing you to move it so you can get more foot space and on the side adjacent to the corridor, according to the newspaper "Independent" British.
With many airlines reducing the size of seats, especially on short, low-cost flights, the size of the economy and business class seats, usually in the exit or at the front of each section of the aircraft, usually sold early.
The button is designed as a safety procedure that allows passengers to escape quickly in an emergency, and is usually used by crew members to help passengers with special needs sit in their seats.
Users of that secret button indicate that the passenger is allowed access to the upper luggage boxes without having to stand in the corridor.


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