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Emirates passengers will see the world through "virtual windows" in the future

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Can you sleep in a plane without windows? It may seem like a nightmare to those who suffer from indoor phobia, but Emirates has a new design that plans to remove windows from aircraft and replace them with virtual windows.

Windows uses fiber-optic camera technology to display realistic scenes directly to the outside world.

The unveiling of the new design has brought many views to the world of aviation, where the idea was not universally accepted. The co-founder of the ACLA Design Studio in California, Victor Carlyoz, told CNN earlier this year that although there are some structural benefits of window removal, But some believe that "having a point of contact with the outside world improves the experience of travelers."

"In emergencies, cabin crew usually need to look outside to find benchmarks to coordinate evictions," said Saj Ahmed, senior analyst at Strategic Aero Research. "He added," It provides a visual and spatial awareness of important things, which can not be provided on board the aircraft without windows, especially if the windows do not work due to electrical failure. "

Ahmed also stressed the need for changes at the organizational level in the case of reliance on aircraft without windows, such as: work on new tests related to evacuation and fire suppression systems, in addition to engineering changes associated with the level of pressure.

"The travelers simply prefer the landscape abroad, and you can not overcome what you see naked eye no matter how technology develops," Ahmed said.

Unlike the new design of Emirates, there are many future air vehicles that embrace the idea of ​​larger windows.

Boeing's Dream Liner features large windows on board, while Airbus designed a transparent walls cabin at the Paris Air Show in 2011.

The Brazilian air company Embraer invented the "Kyoto" cabin designed for the "Lineage 1000E", which features panoramic windows that extend to cover most of the walls of the cabin.

This may mean that we are heading for a future of UAVs, but Ahmed also has doubts about this type of aircraft. "The idea of ​​airplanes without windows is possible, but that does not mean it will happen," he said. UAV technology.