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Experience the beauty of skiing in the resort of Mount Tofendag in Azerbaijan

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - White mountains are glowing in the sun, and ski tracks have a total length of 17 kilometers. This is what awaits you at the resort of Mount Tofendag in Azerbaijan! Mount Toftang, which translates into the Snowstorm Mountain, is 4 kilometers from the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania, Qabala. There are many facilities suitable for children and adults such as a ski school and restaurants. At the resort, skiers, whether amateur or advanced, can enjoy the same level of service. If you really want to enjoy the stunning views of the snowy kingdom around you on Mount Tofendag, you can do so by riding the cable car. You can complete your trip by staying at the 5-star Kapkaz Hotel in Mount Tofendag Resort, which is directly on the ski run at the lower stations of the ski lifts. The resort can accommodate up to 3,000 people