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Explore of the most dirty tool at airports

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - What is the most germ-filled spot in airports? Contrary to what you expect, it's not the bathrooms, the busy waiting areas, or the passport examination offices. So, what is it? A new study by a group of experts at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and the Finnish National Institute of Health and Care and published in the journal BMC on communicable diseases reveals that plastic containers used during security measures are the most populous place in airports. The team monitored the levels of germs on various surfaces at Finland's Helsinki Vantaa Airport during the winter of 2016, and also found evidence of the presence of viruses on 10% of the surfaces they tested. The study also revealed the concentration of germs in other areas such as payment places in shops, escalator barriers, playgrounds, and even air. Experts also found signs of viruses at the airport, such as the rhinovirus, which is responsible for colds and flu. "These results can improve public awareness about how viral infection can spread," said Professor of Health Protection at the University of Nottingham University School of Medicine. "People can reduce the risk of infection by handwashing, coughing in a handkerchief, or shirt sleeves." "The results present new ideas for technical improvements in airport design and renovation," said teammate and virologist at the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare, Nina Ekonin. At the end of the study, the team suggests that hand-held airports should be available in places where surfaces are continuously touched, such as security inspection areas. It is also advisable to clean the airports of plastic containers used more regularly. But even if you avoid germs at airports, you may also see them in airplanes. A study from Travelmath shows that airplanes equal airports in their airports. The dining tables in front of the passenger seats are the most covered place on the aircraft, as well as the air outlet.