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The latest world of aviation .. at Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport, built 20 years ago, is still one of the best airports in the world, as well as the world's most profitable airport. . The airport was replaced by the dreaded Kai Tak airport in 1998, and Hong Kong International Airport redefines the standards for the concept of modern airports around the world. Today, these developments are still on the ground of the modern building. The Hong Kong Airports Authority is implementing a new plan to strengthen the facility, at a cost of US $ 18 billion. The plan includes additions to Building 1, known as the Anix T1, where more check-in windows, luggage belts and an outdoor rooftop garden will be available. The T1, scheduled for completion in 2019, will also include a 200 meter long, 28 meter high suspension bridge, enough to pass an A380 below its surface, and will include a viewing platform and commercial shops. In addition to the new T1 building, a 12-storey multi-purpose building is being developed. The building will include an aviation academy, recreational facilities for all airport staff, 1,400 new parking spaces and a new room for children at the airport. The new design is also designed to provide recreational space. The airport is equipped with Sky City, a 25-acre integrated destination offering multi-service restaurants, entertainment and retail outlets as well as new hotels and offices. The Sky City project is expected to be completed at various stages between 2019 and 2027. Developers also hope the project will become more of a tourist destination in itself, rather than a project to enlarge the old airport. Although the expected developments will not be available until 2019, there are many subtle improvements currently under way, such as reliance on automation techniques, robots, CCTV and surveillance cameras with analytical capabilities. With all these developments, the airport's biggest update, and most controversial, is the Third Runway system, which is due to open in 2024. The new runway will require the restoration of about 650 acres of land north of the current airport. The land recovery project is causing great concern because of its impact on China's white dolphin group, currently listed under the global list of endangered species. However, CKNG, the chief executive officer of Hong Kong International Airport, says the airport is taking precautions to reduce the impact of the project on endangered species. "One of the largest and most expensive construction methods we use is deep cement mixing, We are not building close to the base of the seabed ... We also have an accurate monitoring system, where we test the water to detect pollution every day and watch to see if there are any Chinese white dolphins nearby. Get away. "