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In Saudi Arabia .. Discovery of sites dating back to 100 thousand years
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - A Saudi-French joint archaeological excavation mission uncovered sites dating back to about 100,000 years in a number of mountains in the south of Riyadh, specifically in Al-Kharj. The Saudi Press Agency "SPA" that these areas back to the Stone Age. It is noteworthy that this is the first discovery of sites from the Stone Age in the province of Al-Kharj, in addition to sites dating back to the Upper Stone Age. If you wonder what was found on the site, the mission found pieces of plain and glazed pottery in green. As well as parts for bracelets made of glass paste. I also found some pieces of gray soapstone pots. The Mission also uncovered human habitation in Ain el-Dala, located on the western side of Al-Kharj Oasis, dating from 5,000 years ago. In addition, they found an iron dating back to the beginning of the first millennium BC, and a 56-centimeter bronze sword. The mission carried out an archaeological survey of the settlement of al-Khadma, the settlement of Hazmat Aqila, as well as the line of channels extending from Ein Farzan to Salamiya. The survey revealed the existence of a number of ancient farms and architectural structures dating back to the fifth century AH. A number of Thamudic inscriptions and Arabic inscriptions were also discovered without punctuation. It is said that it is the oldest Islamic writing in the central region of the Arabian Peninsula.