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What do you know about the slope of the "edge of the world" in Saudi Arabia?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - Have you ever thought where the edge of the world is? For the Saudis, the answer is: near the capital Riyadh. The Saudis have launched a historic mountain site called the Edge of the World, offering stunning natural landscapes overlooking many valleys, making it a rare natural landmark for many people to visit. The "look", which is similar in stone formations to the American Grand Canyon in Arizona, is located in the village of Al-Aynah at the end of the Tuwaiq mountain range, which extends 700 kilometers from Jordan to Saudi Arabia. The steep rocky slope overlooks a large valley, seemingly endless, what his name gave it to the "edge of the world." Although the region is still "semi-secret" on a global scale, it attracts many adventure lovers and locals. Research and studies have been conducted that predict that the site has been inundated for nearly 13 million years.