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It is known as the longest Saudi Arabian Um Gursan Cave
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - I have always loved photography of nature and its different terrain. One of the largest caves in the Arab world has captured the interest of Yemeni photographer Nabil al-Mesbahi. The Umm Kharasan Cave is located in the Khyber Freeway, a 1,150-meter-long, 1,45-meter-wide cavity with a width of 45 meters and a height of 12 meters. The height is also different along the path inside the cave until it reaches two meters high and three meters wide. The path is gradually reduced until at the end of one of its entrances it reaches a closed road, but reveals a small opening with a width of one meter and a height of half a meter. "It is not known what is beyond this road, but the cold air is carried through the opening," al-Mesbahi said. There are many branches of the road leading to the cave, as it is easy to waste the visitor amid the endless desert space. For its three entrances, it is spread along its course from east to west, some of which were discovered except for the eastern entrance. At the entrance to the cave, the trees grow and there is an area of ​​brightly colored earthy bushes.  It is divided into many tunnels and grooves narrow and wide. Bone remains, most of which are found in large animals such as camels and wild cows, are also found. The internal cave temperature is 24 ° C, compared with its 34 ° temperature in the summer season. The visit to the cave is no longer confined to individuals from scientific and adventurous delegations, but tourists and visitors can explore the place.  The photographer explained that the smooth rocks were an obstacle to some people, and as a result built the National Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in cooperation with the province of Khyber, a stairway easy for people to get off and climb from the cave.