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Explore the evolution of Azerbaijani paintings during the 100 years in this museum
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - One of the monochrome mazes of the Museum of Azerbaijani Paintings from the 20th Century to the 21st Century, you can explore the developments in Azerbaijani art! The Museum "Azerbaijani Paintings of the Twentieth Century to the 21st Century" was built on the grounds of the flag square in the Azerbaijani capital Baku by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. It was opened on June 8, 2015. From the white and black walls of the museum, which is decorated with various paintings, you can see the journey of development that Azerbaijani art has undergone over the past 100 years in front of your eyes. The museum shows the different trends of Azerbaijani art, such as realism, modernity, and postmodernism. This will give museum visitors an opportunity to explore the bright and mysterious Azerbaijani art world at the same time.