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Find out the oldest mosque in the UAE dating back to 1000 years
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi announced the discovery of the oldest mosque in the city of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, which dates back more than 1,000 years. Archaeologists in the Department of Culture and Tourism have discovered the new Islamic monuments near the site of the Sheikh Khalifa Mosque in Al Ain. They include several aflajs and at least three buildings, the most important being a mosque dating back to the early golden period of the Islamic era in the Abbasid caliphate about 1,000 years ago . The head of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Khalifa Al-Mubarak said that the new discoveries in the eye confirms the richness of the history of the region, which requires further study and analysis to deepen the nature of life in each period of time. Archaeologists revealed that these brick buildings were the remains of a small castle and many other buildings and their inhabitants were getting their fresh water needs from Aflaj Benoha nearby. The discovery of the brick-built mosque reinforces Al Ain's status as a cultural center since the early Islamic times. Archaeologists have noted the presence of mihrabs in the inner chamber and the outer courtyard. They also found fragments of vessels that were probably used for ablutions or other purposes inside the mosque. They date back to the ninth and tenth centuries CE. Based on these discoveries and tests, , This building is the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates. These archaeological finds, along with date palm groves based on the Aflaj waters, give a clearer picture of life in the eye during the early Islamic times