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What is the most important ritual of seasonal tourism in Dhofar Oman?
Dhofar, Oman (CNN) - Walking on a beach overlooking the high mountains and trying to jump from the springs of natural water burst from under your feet, or to enjoy drinking fresh juice of fresh trees and to get the best incense, you reached the land of frankincense in Dhofar Governorate, Sultanate of Oman. In the midst of nature, the rituals of Arab, local and foreign tourists come to Dhofar in its autumn season, including sitting on the green fields opposite the mountains of Tobruk and surrounded by sea spray in the city of Salalah, apart from strolling among its cold, cold waterfalls. The visit of Wadi Derbat in the province of Taqa, known for its tall hills, some 100 meters high, is an unforgettable pleasure. Arab and Omani families flock to all day to sit idly and after the Omani authorities have worked for a year to remove and erase The impact of the cyclone according to observations monitored by CNN in Arabic during a special visit to the province, organized by the Association of Omani Journalists. One of the coconut varieties, the "tree of life" in Salalah, which also covers the beaches of the province, is one of the most popular types of coconut, the visitor can savor the finest fresh fruit from vendors along the road at the edge of the edge. Salalah Beach, about 40 km west of the city of Salalah, overlooking the Arabian Sea, is one of the most beautiful sites in which the rock of the giant "Al-Reneif Cave" stands out and the entrance panel stops with the words: "Take only beautiful memories, Leave only your footprints .. We wish you a pleasant time in the area of ​​the Cave of Alrniv. " The Al-Muntayef area on Al-Moghasil Beach has been equipped with several seating facilities, taking pictures of the confluence of the Arabian Sea rippling with the beach, as well as walking and enjoying the springs of natural water that flow from time to time and constitute a magnet for families. Al-Alban Al-Dhafari is a landmark in the Omani province. Dhofar is classified according to UNESCO as the land of frankincense. The best quality is available in the famous traditional edge market in Salalah. It uses its derivatives as well as incense and perfume to treat certain health problems, Juicy aloe vera, which contains natural cortisone. The Salalah Tourism Festival, of course, is one of the most important tourist and cultural festivals hosted by Dhofar, where traditional foods such as Omani pastries and sweets, as well as authentic cultural and artistic events