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Dana Alali .. Emirati climber challenge mountains and stereotype
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - "If someone told me six years ago that I would try to climb Mount Everest, I might have laughed." This is what she told the CNN site in Arabic, UAE mountain climber, Dana Al Ali, during her talk about her preparations for the title of the first Emirati climber to the summit Everest soon in 2019. Emirati flight Dana al-Ali began climbing in 2013 when her love for adventure and adventure encouraged her to spend a week in Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but this adventure, which her family never expected, turned to passion. "I'm back and I'm full, Life, and I have a crazy idea: climbing Mount Everest. " Since then, the 33-year-old adventurer has been working hard and conquering the mountains one by one in the hope of becoming "the first Emirati to climb Mount Everest." To help her achieve her goal, Al Ali undergoes many physical exercises that include endurance and weight training. She is also keen to take advantage of winter weather in the United Arab Emirates by climbing dunes. It has also climbed several mountains in order to prepare itself physically, such as Mount Aconcagua in 2017. But al-Ali believes that the preparation stage is more about the mental aspect than the physical, so try as much as possible to talk to people who have already climbed Mount Everest to learn from their experiences, as well as watching movies and reading books centered around Mount Everest. Although mountain climbing is difficult in itself, Al Ali considers her first challenge not to be from the rugged nature of the mountains, but from her family. "The first challenge came from my family and they were worried about my safety because I have two children." But Ali describes her family today as her "biggest supporter." Therefore, in addition to carrying the flag of the UAE, which boasts of climbing mountains, Al-Ali is also keen to carry things of moral value, such as two drawings by her daughter Al-Yaziya, and her son Hamdan. For her future journey to Mount Everest, al-Ali is preparing a small notebook in which family members and friends write encouraging words that she will only read when she is on Everest and in dire need. As the mother of two children, Al-Ali wants to prove that Arab women can be mothers and professionals and realize their dreams at the same time, after observing some negative attitudes towards them for cultural reasons and being a woman. However, the UAE expresses its positive view of the field of hazardous sports, noting that there is an increase in the number of women who challenge and engage in stereotypes. Al-Ali hopes to inspire Arab women to pursue their dreams. Therefore, when confronted with the challenges, they argue: "Conquer all challenges one by one and never surrender!"